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This SomaSole System is a full-body workout that fits in a small drawstring bag. Gone are the days of missing workouts due to travel or a lack of time in your day. All you need is a Bundle, free workouts, and some motivation!

With Finesse's proprietary anchoring technology, you can have a safe, effective, multi-dimensional workout anywhere, anytime.

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JOE FLACCO, Championship Quarterback

"SomaSole helps me get the most out of each day; it makes essential movements available at all times and enhances my current workout routine. The bundle is small and compact so I can keep it with me wherever I go... I'm always ready with SomaSole."

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Workout Anywhere, Anytime With the SomaSole App

Enhance your workout potential with the SomaSole App! With workout circuits, educational videos, and movement breakdowns, you will get the most out of your SomaSole Bundle. Currently only on iOS.

For Android Users and Web-Surfers, you can also find the movement library, workouts, and videos at:

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