5 Summer Cocktails Remixed for Your Fitness Goals

There’s good news for your summer party plans: it’s easier (and more fun) to drink low calorie cocktails than “lite” beer. When you’re counting calories and carbs you can feel left out of a lot of the fun of summer parties. You’re not loading up on brats and burgers at the BBQ, and ice cream is totally out. Sipping on one of these delicious remixed cocktails is one time this summer you definitely won’t feel deprived.

  1. Vegan Mudslide

Mudslide: chocolate, coffee, cream, and, uh, cream. These drinks are delicious, but you can enjoy the taste without spending an hour on the treadmill afterwards. You can cut the calories dramatically for swapping cream for vegan almond milk and adding a banana if it’s not creamy enough for you.

The basic recipe for pitcher or glass is:

1 part vodka (approximately one ounce per serving)

2 parts coffee

3 parts almond milk

1 tsp vanilla extract per serving

Half a banana per serving (if you’re blending, to provide creaminess)

  1. Petite in Pink

This drink takes “Pretty in Pink” low-cal, and it’s fabulous! A lot of your favorite drinks can be made low (or lower) calorie by swapping the sugar in your simple syrup for calorie free sweetener. This pretty, fizzy refreshment is perfect for a lazy brunch or a classy late afternoon get-together.

This is best made individually so you don’t lose the fizz!

4 ounces of sparkling wine, your choice

2 ounces pink lemonade (zero calorie sweetener should be used in preparing this as well!)

.5 ounces of pure lemon juice

A splash of cranberry juice for color

  1. Island Mimosa

No drink says “Sunday brunch” like a mimosa. The island version has a lighter flavor and fewer calories. While it won’t quite be endless, they’re easy to make and will add a classy touch to a summer morning. For extra class, be sure to serve them in champagne flutes. Like Petite in Pink, they’re best made to order so the fizz stays fresh.

1.5 ounces of banana (or coconut) rum

2 ounces of sparkling wine; choose a white

1 sliced strawberry

1 lemon wedge

Mix the rum in a shaker with the fruit so those flavors mix together; then, strain into a glass of wine. A strawberry slice makes an excellent garnish for this drink.

  1. Simple Pineapple Martini

This drink is perfect in its simplicity. Serve chilled, possibly with a little orange slice for an extra burst of citrus. This is another great cocktail to make ahead if you intend to have guests over; if you’re making a large bowl, consider decreasing the ratio of coconut rum from 1:1 to something more like 1:3.

For a single serving:

2 ounces of coconut rum

2 ounces of fresh, unsweetened pineapple juice

That’s really it!

  1. Gin Infusion

This is the drink to break out if you’re having a party. It needs to be made the night before, but it’s simple, elegant flavor will steal the show from the rest of the dishes. This drink has no sugar!

Fresh mint leaves

Zest from one lemon

1 sliced cucumber

6 sliced strawberries

1.5 quarts of gin (you can use more or less, but be aware that the flavor will be weaker or stronger, depending)

Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher and allow to soak overnight. The gin will be infused with flavor. Most people then strain the mixture through a cheesecloth or coffee filter and rebottle it. Sip plain or with a splash of fruit juice or tonic!

Low calorie cocktails refresh and delight, and they’re a far better fitness alternative than beer. These cocktails make it possible to eat, drink, and be merry while still watching your weight. Partner these cool drinks with the SomaSole flexible, highly effective exercise system available here. End the summer the way you started it: on your way to your fitness goals!

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