Dating After Reaching Your Goal

Many people first get into exercising because they want to look more attractive. Our culture favors trimness and strength, and for people who are struggling to find a partner despite their obvious good qualities, tonning up and slimming down might make the difference. Once you’ve gotten down to your goal weight or built up the stamina and strength to reach your fitness goals, you’re ready to get back into the dating pool. These tips will help you navigate dating as your best self.

Keep up the confidence

Dissatisfaction with your fitness level is pervasive, and often causes people to underestimate their attractiveness and potential. Now, you’re at your goals. You look good and you know it. That’s the attitude that you should take with you into your dating life. Not arrogance, but confidence. You can achieve your goals when you put your mind to them. You’re a catch. Look for others who excite you, entice you, and match your ability to get things done.

Keep exercise a priority

Dating can cut into your free time when it’s going well. You should make sure that you’re still getting your workout on. It’s easy to keep up the exercise regimen when you don’t have too much else to do; it’s harder to choose to pump some iron and run some laps when you know you could just go on Tinder and get company for the evening instead. If you want to maintain your shape and your moods, get some exercise every day and stick to your major workout routines.

Don’t indulge too much

The other danger with dating is that it’s much easier to snack. You want to meet up for lunch or drinks to get to know someone; you want to share a sweet treat at the end of dinner when things are going well. Food and romance are often tied together in our minds because sensuality engages every sense, as food does. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, however. You don’t have to bond over food just because that’s the standard first few dates.

Take your date to a book faire, or do a walking tour of the tourist-y parts of your city. Watch a movie (and split the popcorn if you can’t go without it) or take in a concert. There are plenty of activities to do with someone you’re getting to know that don’t involve tons of calories.

Look for someone as athletic as you are

Of course, all of these are easier to do if you’re dating someone who’s also interested in fitness. If you love to walk or bike your city, you’re not going to be happy with someone who never wants to do the same. Aim for a partner who’s open to pushing their physical limits and will enjoy your active lifestyle.

In the end, the biggest threat to your goal body in dating is a loss of priorities. Eating romantic meals and skipping the gym is tempting. The only way to get through this is to make a plan. SomaSole is a great addition to your fitness routine and diet plan. It’s easy to add SomaSole sessions into your day. You can use them to get your minimum needed exercise every day in just a few short minutes. You can balance your need for time and your need for exercise with one investment, so pick it up here.

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