“Get up off your butt” -Love, Mom

No matter what we were doing, it always seemed like my mom was trying to get my brothers and me up and out of the house. She couldn’t tolerate us “sitting around all day” and if we tried, well, she had ways to change that. Cue turning off the tv, turning on the vacuum, and ignoring our moans and groans.

What I didn’t know then and what I’m starting to realize now is that there’s a lot of sitting ahead of me in my adult life. I just graduated from college and have less than a year of experience in the workforce, but I have already accumulated enough time on my derrière (shout out to Ms. Fox) that I’m starting to accept the feeling of my shoulders sliding forward and my lower back contorting to a new slumped position.

When looking for a job, the thoughts going through my major considerations where paying back my student loans, finding a stable position that would allow me to start a family at some point, and making some sort of impact in the world. I didn’t think about finding a job based on what would encourage personal fitness. We tend to choose our careers with a view of retirement in the future, thinking about that distant day when we’ll be able to travel, read and hang out with our grandkids with no other obligations. But, and this is a big but, there is a problem with this way of thinking.

While we are grinding away at work and focused on daily tasks, inactivity is in the lab playing Dr. Frankenstein and building a beast, a beast called chronic illness. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and a host of other major health problems are encouraged by lifestyles lacking regular physical activity. These life-threatening conditions may sound foreign at the moment, but if we take stock of our present physical activity levels affect our future health, it can be prevented. In other words, listen to your inner mom and simply,  “get up off your butt.”

Lets do a thought experiment to explain how the body works and the best way to avoid this “sedentary lifestyle”.  Lets look at something as common as water. When water is stagnant, stuck in a puddle, and isn’t moving what happens to it? Mosquitoes and bacteria infest it and the water becomes a disgusting cesspool. Yet, if the water is moving regularly these things can’t form, causing the water to be clear and pure. The problem is you can’t just go and stir the puddle with a stick for ten minutes twice a day, that won’t have enough of an impact. No, you need to have that water move and move pretty rigorously in order to ensure that the harmful microbes and insects can’t grow. This relates to our bodies, which is 73 percent water, in sort of the same way. We can’t just assume that walking around twice a day is enough. No, we need to have bouts of movement and moments of actual physical engagement. This is where the SomaSole comes in. If you have the SomaSole strapped to your feet during the day and you have some downtime, you can knock out squats, lunges, seated leg extensions, curls, tricep kickbacks, and a myriad of other ways that will help you combat chronic illness and prevent it from taking ahold of your lift. 

These little moments where we can snag some fitness are crucial in keeping our health and yes, they may cause us to moan and groan, but in the end it is…cough…cough…lifesaving.static1.squarespace-15.jpg

My name is John Flacco and I’m lucky to be part of this great team at SomaSole. With my blog it is my aim to bring some clarity to how fitness is beneficial biologically and how it impacts our daily lives. I truly believe investing in ones health is the best investment possible, and I will also spend time trying to familiarize all of you with your body’s basic makeup so you can build an intuition on how it works and how it should feel. To help me do this I will also have a spotlight on some part of the body each Wednesday, so we can start to understand how the greatest machine to be created functions. I’m extremely excited to go on this journey together. You will get to know me more and more with each post, and I would love to get to know about each of your journeys so please share your thoughts with me. You can contact me at jflacco@somasole.com. 


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