How to Workout and Prevent Knee Injury

The SomaSole Secret to Healthy Knees!

Knee pain can be caused by a number of different factors, but often knee pain exists as a result of poor biomechanics. Translation: the body isn’t moving correctly. Like a car out of alignment, your joints will wear unevenly and faulty mechanics make for anything but a smooth ride. 

So how do you save your knees from miles of unnecessary wear and tear?

Allow me to introduce you to a muscle that may be the culprit: the Gluteus Medius.  This important but often neglected muscle is responsible for maintaining knee stability during most activities, including walking. The Gluteus Medius is often overshadowed by its larger and more popular neighbor, the Gluteus Maximus, but it is necessary to train this muscle effectively for proper functional movement. 

Here are two of my favorite exercises that are not only a fun challenge, but also target the knee stabilizers to help prevent knee injury. 



Side Kick:



Connect the SomaSole blue Link to your left foot
Weave the Link through the right foot’s loop.
Grab the single handle with both hands


Balancing on a single leg kick out directly to the side
Maintaining balance on the standing leg, bring the kicking leg in slowly


Slow and controlled movements.
Maintain chest up and core engaged.

Standing knee should stay in line with the ankle, preventing the knee from collapsing inward.

Repeat 20 times and switch set-up to target the opposite leg. 


Lateral Walks



Weave a blue Link through booth foot loops...
Grab a handle in each hand...
Begin in an athletic stance: knees slightly bent, feet hip width apart, chest up.


Using your arms to maintain resistance on the Link, step the left foot out to the side, a little wider than hips width.
Bring your right leg to meet.
Once you reach the end of the room, walk back to the starting point, facing the same direction.


Maintain your chest up and core engaged.
Resist the urge to rock your upper body back and forth with each step, maintain controlled movements.
Knees stay in alignment behind the toes

Repeat for 1 minute, or to fatigue. 

For an increase in performance and a decrease in knee pain, perform these exercises as a warm-up to your regular fitness routine.

Enjoy the booty burn!



SF-based athletic trainer Liz Letchford's major goal with each of her clients is proper, functional movement. She loves recognizing a client’s postural weaknesses and creating a training program to help them meet their movement goals. Liz engages everyone with her high energy, fast-paced sessions that make the workout a joy to perform. In every session she includes exercises to help correct any functional movement weaknesses as well as some fun and intense speed and agility work to challenge and push her clients.

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