Motivational Thoughts When You've Hit a Fitness Plateau

Everyone that works out eventually hits the dreaded plateau. You’re eating as well as you always have, you’re training as hard as you usually do, but suddenly your forward progress is halted. You stop losing weight. You stop losing time on your mile sprint. You stop adding weight on lifts because you’re at your peak. For many people this lack of progress is even harder to deal with than first time fitness challenges. If you’re struggling to stay on the fitness wagon now that you’re not getting the instant gratification results of weekly improvement, these motivational thoughts will keep in the game.

My body can already handle this workout

Your body adapts to do exactly what you ask of it, and not one ounce of effort more. If one of your fitness goals is to walk five miles a day, you’ll get used to it. Six miles will still be a stretch, though, because your body just isn’t used to it. If you’ve hit a fitness plateau, don’t think of it as a failure. Your body’s adapted to do exactly this workout, and you can figure out a way to get around this stall and begin working again. If you can’t add more weight or more reps, change up your routine. Incorporate small, intense bursts of exercise through the day, no matter where you are with SomaSole. Shop here for a full body, intense workout system you can pack and take anywhere.

I’m so much leaner than I used to be

If your first time fitness goal was weight loss, seeing that number on the scale stay the same week after week wrecks your drive. Instead of focusing on a number, focus on your body composition. If you’re eating well and exercising, you’re trading fat for muscle every day. Muscle is denser than fat. You can weigh the same, but a leaner body means smaller clothes and a fit frame. Look beyond your scale to other body measurements and see how much progress you’re making.

I can give it my all until my evaluation at the end of the month

Bodies are complicated, and sometimes a fitness plateau is just going to happen. The best thing to do to keep up your motivation is to get away from the instant gratification side of exercise. Rather than weighing and measuring yourself every day or every week, set a time to see how far you’ve come that’s far in the future. Give your workouts your all, and when you finally check your measurements again, you’ll be impressed with how far you’ve come.

Every good choice is still a good choice

This mantra is great for first time fitness enthusiasts and veterans alike. Starting small requires congratulating yourself on small efforts. Eating half a cupcake at a coworker’s office birthday isn’t as great as abstaining, but you made the choice not to eat the whole thing. Sticking with your routine even if you’re not seeing results this very second is still the right choice to make. If you keep making the right choices, you’ll get back to your fitness goals.

Fitness is as much mental as it is physical. Every first time fitness person learns the power of a positive attitude. Hating yourself won’t get you off the couch, but loving what you’ll become will. Frustration with your fitness plateau won’t end it. Buckling down, changing your routine with SomaSole, and keeping a positive attitude will.

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