Shred up the V-Cut

For those of us that aren't gifted with a shredded 32 pack from the age of 3, working to obtain washboard abs falls somewhere near sprouting wings on the list of lifetime impossibilities. Lying down on the gym-mat day after day doing every movement google-able helps bring about slightly noticeable results, but nothing near what your heart desires. You see a slight protrusion from the upper abs, and sometimes you even see the mid-abs start to tighten up and gain some definition. This, however, is often the end for your washboard dreams. When the finish line is so close that you can taste it, you run face first into an invisible wall called the lower abs.

This plateau can be deflating; it can cause a strong mind to grow weak and good habits to die hard. For those of you that can relate to this feeling, I am here to assure that we can break down that wall, all with the help of SomaSole.

Now let me get nerdy for a second…  static1.squarespace-13.jpg

Throwing it back to my engineering days, when a force is applied on a member, a moment will be experienced about the attachment point due to a resistance force keeping the beam upright. The further the applied force from the attachment point (the foot being as far as possible), the greater the moment, therefore a greater resistance force. Applying this to the human body, with SomaSole, we are able to provide resistance at any angle at the foot, in turn isolating the lower abs as the main source of resistance force in the opposite direction. static1.squarespace-14.jpg

BOOM! You’ve just completed your brain workout for the day, so let’s move on to your body.  

We all want a mean V-Cut. We all want it to be possible to get those drool-worthy abs to impress that special him or her. Now, you can. Whether you want to work it into your preexisting fitness schedule or skip the crowded, sweaty gym and hit up the floor in front of the TV in your living room, you can utilize SomaSole to reach your fitness dreams. 

Are you new to SomaSole? Pre-order your own SomaSole here today and stay tuned for more movements on “Tuesday Tips with Matt” on Instagram.


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