Snack Goals and Other Tricks to Boost Exercise Enthusiasm

Some people take to exercise like a duck to water. It always leaves them feeling refreshed, and they crave it the way the rest of us crave sleeping in on a Sunday. Take a moment to admire people with high exercise enthusiasm. They never seem overwhelmed by their fitness goals. Now the moment is over; it’s time to focus on your fitness routine. First time fitness goals seem daunting, and leave you unmotivated. How do you plan to get enthusiastic about exercise? The first exercise goal you have to meet isn’t about sit-ups performed or miles run. It’s about building an attitude that seeks out and enjoys pushing your body past its previous best effort.

Let food motivate you with snack goals

Many people fall into a motivational rut because they’re not admitting what motivates them. Everyone wants to be the person who exercises because it makes them feel refreshed and awesome. Getting there is possible, but it’s not just going to happen in a day. Meanwhile, if you’ve been dieting but all you really want is an ice cream sandwich, adjust your goals accordingly. . For example, if you can manage four workouts this week where you burn 350+ calories (for example), then at the end of the week you can eat that 200-calorie treat. Yes, you just undid most of a day’s work out, but you still burned a net 1,200 calories through exercise this week. Snack goals are hugely motivating for people who love food. As long as you keep the balance shifted far over towards “calories out”, you can afford to indulge on a handful of “calories in”.

Lower your standards for success

Low fitness standards don’t sound like a positive thing, but everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re consistently struggling with motivation, take a look at what you’re asking yourself to do. If you spent five years on the couch and then signed up for a different fitness class every day of the week, your motivation may not actually be the problem. You have plenty of exercise enthusiasm, but your body can’t keep up.

Most people who are beginning can see marked physical improvement with daily strength training and three sessions a week of prolonged cardio. You can get that in quickly by committing to an exercise class or running plan a few days a week and taking SomaSole with you the rest of the time. A full exercise system in a twenty-minute workout gets big results without asking you to commit too much of your time.

Engage your imagination

If you’re not food motivated and you’re not waiting to be perfectly fit before you try to get fit, consider giving your mind something else to do during workouts. Exercise enthusiasm depends on mental engagement as well. Music is entertaining enough for some people, but others are better motivated when they’re playing a game or hearing a story. There are exercise apps out there that cast you as the hero of your own story. If none of these appeal to you, find a character you want to be like and build a rigorous exercise routine around them. Many people might consider Batman a master of jump squats, and you can be too. If fiction doesn’t do it for you, you can look up sample workouts for firefighters and practice saving some lives.

An attitude change makes all the difference in your performance. When you’re enthusiastic about exercise, you stick to your goals and raise the bar on your own performance. SomaSole is a great way to enhance your fitness goals or get them off the ground if you’re just beginning. You can shop here for the tools to build results from your new exercise enthusiasm.

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