The Five Best Workouts Under 10 Minutes

Life can make it tough to work out. Maybe your schedule isn't consistent enough to establish a workout routine. Maybe you have enough on your plate and just don’t want to find a way to work out. It’s okay, you can admit it. Starting small is great, whether you’re a workout fiend whose schedule is ruining their day or you’re just trying to convince yourself to be healthy for 10 minutes at a time. These five best workouts under 10 minutes will leave your muscles trim and your body energized.


  1. The Brisk Walk

This workout makes the list because it proves that the best workout is the one that you’re going to do. If you’re not ready for the hardcore routines that come later, at least use your break at work to get your heartrate up. Remember that this walk only counts as “brisk” if you feel it in your heartrate, respiration, and muscles. Push yourself in these 10 minutes and you can relax later.
    1. Treadmill Sprints

    Take the brisk walk a step further by taking it to the treadmill. Dial the incline up to 10 and start out going pretty hard. Sprint for 90 seconds, rest for 30, and repeat at a faster speed. By the time you end your workout you should be going as fast as you can. This improves your speed and boosts your calorie consumption even after you’ve left the gym.
      1. Jump the Calories Out

      You can assemble your own list of jumping exercises if these don’t thrill you. Using your body weight is the best way to be able to exercise anywhere, under any circumstances. You can get a great workout in by alternating your workout routine. To start, warm up with some stretches and launch into 30 seconds of good-form jumping jacks. Follow that with as many burpees as you can fit into a minute, and back to jumping jacks. Change things up with the jump squat. Keep your back straight, and finish that with some high-knee jump rope drills. Repeat the whole sections until your time is out.
        1. Strength and Heart Rate

        This exercise plan works because it’s up to you to decide how fast to go. Remember, the idea is to push yourself: these workouts have to be more intense because they’re shorter. For this one, you can focus on building strength while getting your heart rate up by completing this loop: 5 push-ups, 10 mountain climbers, 15 jumping air squats. Push yourself to complete the loop as quickly as possible, and keep rest between sets to a minimum.
          1. Leg Lifts, Triceps Dips, and Other Chair Exercises

          Looking for exercises that you can do from the bedroom? You don’t have to brave nasty weather to exercise outside or get to the gym. Using your bed (and maybe a chair) as props, you can complete this workout.
          • 30-60 seconds of box toe touches
          • 15-20 reps of triceps dips
          • 10-15 reps (each leg) of elevated split squats
          • Elevated Push-ups (As many as possible in 60-90 seconds)
          • 3 sets of 10-15 double leg lifts
          If you still have time in your 10 minutes after all of that, either repeat the most challenging exercise or do jump squats until your time runs out.Ten minute workouts are the best way to break through a workout slump. The trick is to opt for high intensity and commit fully for the time provided. You won’t be doing it for long, so make these workouts count! For other high impact exercises, check out the SomaSole system. Shop hereand start taking your exercise with you wherever you go.

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