Top 5 Trendy Fitness Apparel Brands

I am always on the lookout for fun new ways to get inspired to go workout. I don’t know about you, but when I feel cute and trendy, it motivates me to run twice as hard on that treadmill at the gym or push for one more set of crunches and planks. Today, there is an incredible variety of appealing workout clothes to choose from. The culture of workout apparel has changed significantly. Due to this large assortment of chic workout gear, people now casually wear these stylish new designs out and about. It has now been made acceptable to wear yoga pants on a standard day of work or out running errands. Some people even wear fitness fashion when they go out at night. Observing these new fashion trends mixing with fitness is definitely a motivator to go shopping and then hit the gym. I researched a bit, talked to some friends, and offered some of my own favorites, to compile a list of 5 cute and trendy workout apparel brands. Enjoy!


1. Lululemon

Although there are many up and coming athletic brands, people still seem to stick to Lululemon, a top competitor in the fitness fashion world. Designed as yoga-inspired apparel, Lululemon has now become a staple in day-to-day apparel as well as fitness attire. I love wearing Lululemon leggings both to class and to the gym. I even see some girls at my school wearing the Lululemon tennis skirt to class. The clothing is simple, comfy, sleek, and lasts for years. Here are my favorite pieces.

 Align Pant II $98.00 USD

Align Pant II ($98.00 USD) 

Fast & Free Crop II $118.00 USD

     Fast & Free Crop II ($118.00 USD)


2. SoulCycle

A trend that has risen in the past few years due to high celebrity following, with bright, bold, and fun prints is the "SoulCycle" apparel obsession. Although SoulCycle has been around since 2006, its fashion line has recently become extremely popular. My friend Samantha Wolf loves wearing "Soul" apparel on a daily basis. She revealed, "I wore the clothes before I actually did the spin classes." Here are some popular items from the website.

Mineral Wash Skull Muscle Tank ($58.00)

 Ombre Waves With Skull Capri ($88.00)


 3. Victoria Sport

We all know that Victoria Secret has always been a top contender for intimates and swimwear. However, some of my friends swear VS for its sports line, with an assortment of affordable and fashionable sports bras and leggings. My friend Ashley Beadle is one of those pleased customers. She told me, "Victoria Secret has never been known for their workout gear, however I love their gym clothes as they are well priced, look super chic and are perfect for working up a sweat in!" Here are some of my picks!

Lightweight by Victoria Sport Strappy Sports Bra ($29.50)

The Knockout by Victoria Sport Pocket Tight ($69.50)


4. Bandier 

Jennifer Bandier opened her first Bandier store in 2014 and since then has continued to bring together sleek, modern, and fashion forward trends to her fitness apparel store. She describes the apparel as being clothes you can wear to the gym and ones you can wear for a night out. When you walk into a Bandier store the vibe is as if you were going to a club. Bandier showcases current trends in fitness apparel such as cut-outs, crop tops, and color-block patterns with many up and coming brands such as Alo, P.E. Nation, Lilybod. These clothes are so cute..I just added a pair of leggings to my cart!

P.E. Nation- Side Blind Legging ($130)

Lilybod- Skylar Capri ($75) 


5. Good Hyouman

If you want some unique and inspirational tank tops to work out in then you definitely want to check out Good Hyouman. When you buy from this brand you become a part of its community. Good Hyouman was created by Brett Novak in memory of his father David. Not only is the clothing comfortable, but it also features inspirational messages. If you want the chance to be featured on one of their hangtags, you can even write in and share your story. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Good Hyouman and their Instagram constantly features different people. I don't know about you, but if I am wearing a tank that says, "The best things in life make you sweaty," I am definitely going to want to work up a sweat in it.
Best Things In Life Make You Sweaty- The Tracey ($42)
Inhale XX Exhale- The Riley ($42) 




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