Top 5 So-Cal Spots For Fireworks on The 4th

The streets of LA will be packed tomorrow as people all over gather to celebrate the 4th of July. After laying out all day on the beach, chilling with friends, and going to a party, the best way to end the night is sitting outside and watching a beautiful fireworks show. Lucky for you, there are some pretty spectacular spots in So-Cal to watch fireworks. 

1. Avalon, Catalina Island

My favorite spot throughout the years has always been the bay in Avalon. This place is so festive and only a short 45 minute ferry ride over. Enjoy or participate in the city's parade on the main boardwalk during the day. Later, grab some curly fries from Luau Larry’s, a beach chair or blanket, and get cozy on the sand. The fireworks show goes off right over the harbor at around 9 pm and it is impossible to miss.


2. Marina Del Rey

Another one of my favorite spots to watch the fireworks is in Marina Del Rey. At around 9pm, people from all over the beach walk down to the main marina and watch the show. The fireworks go off between Fisherman’s Village and the Breakwater. You can also find a great view by going to one of the nearby hotel rooftop bars. If you want a fun, chill place to beach during the day and firework at night, the Marina is the place to be for the 4th.


3. Disneyland

If you have ever watched the firework’s show at Disneyland, then you know how spectacular it is. Now imagine how amazing it is on the 4th of July. I cannot think of a better way to spend this patriotic holiday then riding fun rides all day, grabbing a sundae at the Carnation Café, and finding a nice spot in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle to watch the show. This is the perfect excuse to spend the day at Disneyland.


4. Newport Beach

4th of July in Newport is pretty festive and there are lots of activities to do all day including a variety of parades kicking off at around 9 am. From 1-3 pm, check out decorated boats as they make their way through the Newport Harbor in the “Old Glory” Boat Parade. Later, make sure to grab a Balboa Bar or frozen banana then catch the fireworks at the Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort starting around 9 pm. Residents of Newport Beach can walk in for free.


5. Dodger Stadium

What’s more patriotic than going to an LA Dodgers baseball game on the 4th of July? This year we are playing the Arizona Diamondbacks. Grab a Dodger Dog or some Cracker Jacks and stay after the game to watch this amazing 4th of July fireworks show.




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