Jill Kinney

Jill Kinney is considered an industry leader in the health club industry. With over 25 years in the business, she has earned her title as “America’s Number One Female Entrepreneur”. In 1991, Jill co-founded Club One and grew it to an $70 million business with over 2,800 employees serving 10 states. In 2007, she launched Clubsource, a development company specializing in private community centers that provide a for profit, contemporary alternative to financially strapped neighborhoods. Today, Jill is bringing a remarkably successful active weight loss business from Sweden, Itrim, to the US with a goal of significantly impacting the obesity epidemic. Her companies have been featured in Inc, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Vogue and have earned numerous awards for innovation and exceptional customer service.

Jill has served on numerous boards, including IHRSA, the International Racquet and Sportsclub Association, ACE, the American Council on Exercise and is on the Editorial Advisory Board for Shape Magazine. In 2000, she earned the "Distinguished Service Award" from IHRSA and in 2003 she was accepted into the Wellness Revolution Hall of Fame.