Michelle Lovitt

Michelle is the author of Exercise For Your Muscle Type: the Smart Way to Get Fit and creator of Prevention Magazine’s ULTIMATE FLAT BELLY DVD series. She currently runs, Lovitfitness, a Beverly Hills based training company that is known for getting clients in remarkable shape. Her background in Exercise Physiology is why her methodology and results reside in heart rate based training. Michelle’s signature training method TRAIN SMARTER NOT HARDER give her clients educational tools that help them understand their bodies, lose body fat, get stronger, stay motivated and enjoy a better quality of life. She has a loyal following and a reputation for getting her clients in remarkable shape.

Michelle earned a BS in Sports Nutrition and a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and was the first female and Strength and Conditioning coach at Fresno state, The University of Notre Dame and the University of Southern California. Michelle is a USWF club coach Level I and has completed a 200 hour yoga teaching course, she is also a coach/advisor for Pear Sports and is on The advisory board for SHAPE magazine.

Courtesy of: michellelovitt.com