Scott Lahman

Scott Lahman

Scott is best known as founder of mobile gaming groundbreaker, JAMDAT Mobile, which he founded with Zack Norman and Austin Murray in March 2000 (long before games could even be played on most phones). JAMDAT not only became the industry’s runaway market share leader, but it also influenced many aspects of the app business as it exists today, including platform revenue splits, technology and deployment approaches, gameplay paradigms, and the platform SDKs themselves. In fact, the team at JAMDAT developed the first ever games for Apple’s iPod Click Wheel, a harbinger for what would come later with the iPhone and App Store. JAMDAT had a successful IPO in 2004, and was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2006 for $680 million.

In 2008, just as smartphones and SMS were beginning their march toward proliferation, Scott once again teamed with Zack Norman and Austin Murray to found textPlus, a pioneer of Over The Top (OTT) communications. textPlus provides next generation communication services to its millions of users who benefit from a free phone number, free SMS, and low cost calling to any phone in the world. Scott is CEO of textPlus, which has more than 70 million registered users, nearly all in North America. A significant number of the textPlus team came from JAMDAT, and are proud to once again work together to challenge old paradigms.

Prior to founding JAMDAT, Scott joined Activision in 1994 as an early member of Activision’s restart. At Activision, Scott served in a variety of roles and was elevated to Vice President, Studios in 1997 where he ran Activision’s largest internal studio. As a corporate officer, Scott was on Activision's M&A team responsible for integrating multiple acquisitions as well as representing the company in outward M&A.

Scott began his career in the film and television industry, most notably as a development executive for Robert De Niro's Tribeca Productions from 1990 to 1994. In 1994, Scott was part of the founding team for Tribeca Interactive, which he joined after receiving his B.A. from Columbia University.

As a child, Scott was first in line for many early gamer platforms including Pong, the Atari 2600, and the TRS-80. He was also drawn to online communications as an early adopter through services like Compuserve and Prodigy, and ran a BBS in his bedroom called “Gamenet” using a 300 baud modem and Franklin Ace 1000.

Scott is active in the Los Angeles tech community, currently serving on Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Council on Technology & Innovation, and having previously served in the same capacity for Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. Scott serves on the executive council of inLA, is an angel investor, and has served on the advisory boards of several companies including Burstly and Gamefly. Scott also volunteers to help mentor youth interested in pursuing careers in technology through organizations such as Communities In Schools Los Angeles and Green Dot Public Schools.

Scott lives in Venice Beach with his wife and two children and spends free time with them pursuing a variety of activities including traveling, cycling, hiking, swimming, skiing, reading and surfing.

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