Link (Medium Resistance)

8-12 Pounds of Resistance

The Link™ is the future of resistance bands. With a physical makeup unlike any other exercise band on the market, the Link is truly one of a kind. The width and thickness of the Link , along with the the anti-snap exterior, makes using it comfortable to the skin. No longer will you feel like you are using a strip of medical tubing to exercise; the Link™ is a high quality, trustworthy, attractive piece of exercise equipment. Once you get one of your own, you will never leave home without it.


Length Breakdown


  • Optimal for isolation strength exercises and static stretches
  • Allows the user to experience more resistance with less elongation
  • Is the Link  of choice for short, single hinge-point movements


  • Optimal for kinetic movements and dynamic stretches
  • Provides a less dramatic increase in resistance 
  • Allows full body elongation
  • Can be positioned on neck, providing hands-free opportunity



Does the Link stretch similar to existing resistance bands?

Pre-existing resistance exercise bands on the market are designed to be safely stretched up to 300% of their resting length, anything past this point puts the user at risk. When designing the Link™, we wanted to create the best feeling of elongation without making our users vulnerable to potential failure. We manufactured the Link™ to stretch up to 300% of its original length at any portion of the Link, similar to existing bands, while designing the external weave around the rubber to inhibit movement past this point for protection. Note: For optimal Link lifespan, we recommend limiting Link elongation to 250%.

Is the Link heavy and bulky?

To reduce overall weight while maintaining high strength properties, we make the Link weave and base mold out of polypropylene plastic. With its flat design, the Link™ is easy to roll up and store in a workout bag, briefcase, or handbag without requiring much volume.