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Sample Combo Exercises:

Squat Walk

Squat Punch

Front Squat with Shoulder Raise


Sample Upper Body Exercises:

The High Pull

The Shoulder Press

The Tricep Kick-Back


Sample Lower Body Exercises:

Leg Curl

Glute Kickback

Good Mornings


Sample Core Exercises:

Anchored Pull-In

Anchored Mountain Climber

Anchored Bicycle


Sample Pilates Exercises:

Roll-Up Hip Lift 

Double Leg Lift

Single Leg Circles

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What's Included?

2 - SomaSole Foot Harnesses
2 - 41" Link™ Resistance Bands
1 - 62" Link™ Resistance Band
2 - Padded Handles
1 - Dual-Pocket Drawstring Bag


What's with the bands?

By including two 41” blue Links,  the user can double-up resistance easily for strength and stretching movements. Having two equal length Links also creates the opportunity to attach the Link carabiners to all 4 D-ring anchor points for particular exercises.

Through product and exercise testing, we found that many users prefer a longer Link for particular movements, and this is why we include the 62” blue Link. This Link promotes safe, full body extension for people of all heights and fitness levels. This longer Link is also the perfect tool for SomaSole’s unique, dynamic movements.

Read more about Links


Why two SomaSoles? 

Everything is better in pairs, and this is why the SomaSole Bundle includes two SomaSoles. By having a SomaSole on each foot, the user can easily adjust the length and resistance of the Link by simply spreading the feet. Having an attachment point on each foot promotes the ability to work all muscles of the body in a kinetic fashion without having to transfer the Link and SomaSole from foot to foot.


How about the handles and the bag?

The handles included in this set are foam covered for comfort and sewn with industrial machines for safety. The handle core is molded from high strength polypropylene plastic.

The SomaSole bag is made of mesh to allow for better breathability. On the front side of the bag is a polyester zipper pocket, which allows for the separation and storage of smaller personal items such as a key, wallet, phone and more.